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Weaning Made Easy-Peasy This Summer

Take the next step in your baby's nutrition journey with our flexible 5-week weaning kit programme.

Planned by experts to make introducing solids easy and stress-free for both you and your little one.

For 5 weeks, you'll get freshly cooked finger foods and purees, delivered to your doorstep twice a week.

Plus extra goodies like our feeding set and comprehensive weaning guide!

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Keep your weaning on-track during the holidays

Repeat any week for free after you've been away

Ease your baby back into their weaning journey by repeating the week of the menu they got up to before you went away.

Flexible deliveries, no progress lost

Going to be away during the 5 weeks? Don't worry! We'll arrange the deliveries to work around you and your baby's summer plans.

Take your comprehensive weaning guide on holiday with you, along with your bib, spoon and progress tracker. You'll also have access to our weaning experts while you're away!

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Weaning Kit
With meat, fish + allergens
BLW + Purees
Each day is different
Artificial Flavours
Salt, sugar or extras

planned by accredited paediatric experts

Backed By Science

Have you wondered where to start? What foods to introduce first, which allergens; what about meat and fish? texture progression? Everyone has a different and often conflicting opinion, so we delved into all the research, facts, and evidence to define what really is the best for your little one.
All the knowledge into one kit
We've done the research for you. Exclusively planned by paediatric dietitians. Allergens, steps, timing; nothing is held back.
BLW finger foods AND purees
The combination method is key. We do the best of both worlds. The right sizes, textures, and portions.
Unmatched variety
No repeats. Every day's meal is different; all 35 of them. Served in a sequence that makes scientific sense.


How It Works

Weaning your little one doesn't have to be a daunting task. From expertly planned meals cooked by top chefs, to a custom weaning diary to track your baby's progress, we've got you covered.
You start your journey
Choose a date to receive your first week of food and bundle delivery. Unlock exclusive content and expert access.
We take care of the rest
Our expert chefs and dietitians freshly prepare science-backed meals for you. We'll deliver freshness straight to your front door.
Celebrate together
Reach all of the weaning milestones with your little one and your V&Me community. You've got this.
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Is My Baby Ready?

Babies need to be developmentally ready before we start the weaning process. We suggest you look out for these signs of readiness when your baby is around 6 months old.

Three key signs to look for:
Sitting up and holding their head steady, ready for mealtime.
Coordination with eyes, hands, and mouth (to look at, pick up, and eat food).
Ability to swallow their food, rather than spitting it back out!
“The doorbell rings and I’m handed my Michelin-style meal”
“This was an absolutely fantastic product & has made my life substantially easier”
“It sets babies/toddlers up for a lifetime love of nutritionally balanced food!”
“If you have 7 months to 4 year olds give them a try. You will be very happy you did”

The ultimate weaning kit

View our daily meals

A game-changer for parents.
We're sure it will be for you too.

The Ultimate Weaning Kit is just that! It is a wonderful way to start weaning your baby and we were so excited to get started with week one of five. It's gone brilliantly well and Eden has loved every purée so far and made quick work of the finger food so BLW doesn't have to be scary. I couldn't be happier and wish V&Me had been around when my older children were weaning too... this is making all the difference; it's stress free and all done for me and Eden gets introduced to a new food every single day for five weeks! Thank you V&Me... every parent needs to try this.


Eden's Mummy, London

I have loved the V&Me weaning kit and would highly recommend it! The kit takes the unknowns out of weaning and makes it easy and fun, so you can enjoy the weaning journey with your baby. I love the ease of the individual pouches and the flavour progressions through the weeks. The food is high quality and seasonal so I know my daughter is getting the best, and I have all the reassurance I need.


Valentina's Mummy, London

After having a baby with reflux issues, my husband and I were struggling with how to start weaning our youngest daughter and The Ultimate 5-Week Weaning Kit was our saving grace. The kit is amazing!
We didn’t need to think about what to prepare, it was very easy with simple instructions and a booklet with explanations. The kit even includes a silicone bib and spoon!
We liked how it slowly introduced allergens and were confident in experimenting with the finger foods. In addition to the myriad of vegetables and flavour combinations, we were happy that the purées also included more filling, starchy ingredients, such as potato, rice and pasta. We found that our baby girl got along very well with it and enjoyed adding the new tastes to her palate.
We are looking forward to continuing with V&Me’s baby food delivery service now that we have completed the Ultimate 5-Week Weaning Kit. Thank you!


Emma's Mummy, London

Just the other day my husband commented how the Ultimate Weaning Kit enables him to be part of that process and he's very grateful for it!

Lea Rozencwajg Henry

Mummy, London


How we compare

led by REGISTERED expertS

Meet Jo and Ruth

Two of UK’s leading paediatric dietitian experts in baby and toddler nutrition.

“We love Mulu’s passion to provide children with the best nutrition possible.

Food for the early years isn’t regulated in the same way that school food is; there are guidelines but these are only voluntary. Mulu was keen to ensure she was doing everything possible to make sure her meals were meeting recommendations and has taken on board all of our advice, doesn’t cut corners or compromise with quality.”

About us

Why I Started V&Me

You’re here because, like me, no matter how busy or tired you get, you don’t want to compromise on what you feed your babies.

For me, I couldn’t sleep until I knew the alternative to doing it myself would be done well.

Expertly, by professionals, who were trained to bring my baby - and yours, the absolute best everything the UK could offer. And that’s how V&Me was born.


Effortlessly Introduce Solids

So, what are you waiting for? 
Our 5-week weaning program is expert-approved and tailored to your baby's individual needs, making the transition to solids stress-free for both you and your little one.
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