Your baby deserves the best.

As a parent, you’re hardwired to go that extra mile to protect, nurture, and give your children the best opportunities in life you possibly can.

You’re here because, like me, no matter how busy or tired you get, you don’t want to compromise on what you feed your babies.

As a modern human, you’re expected to work overtime, be successful, and maintain a work-family balance without faltering.

I know. I’ve been there. And you’re not alone.

You’re here because, like me, no matter how busy or tired you get, you don’t want to compromise when it comes to feeding your babies. 

Yet, spending hours researching, planning meals, choosing produce, preparing, cooking, blending, and cleaning up takes away so much from the little downtime you have. It cuts into your rest, disrupts your work, and often times pokes at your sanity (we’ve all been there).

New parents need sleep.

For me, I couldn’t sleep until I knew the alternative to doing it myself would be done well

Expertly, by professionals, who were trained to bring my baby - and yours, the absolute best everything the UK could offer.

And that’s how V&Me was born.

Fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, free-range meat, and sustainable seafood means baby gets sustenance as close as possible to what Mother Nature intends

Meals designed by registered paediatric dietitians means baby gets the right nutrients in the correct amounts.

Taste in every bite your baby will love, developed by UK’s leading chefs, means baby eats deliciously; enjoying ever burst of flavour, created just for them.

Our research shows that the above makes us significantly different from any other baby food providers out there. 

But, there was one convenience I fought tooth and nail to provide to parents which was the cherry on top of our (sugarless smash!) cake. 

And that was managing to pull off the task of getting your baby's food cooked absolutely fresh (never frozen), and delivered to your doorstep. As if you cooked it yourself.

No fuss. no waste. no stress.

Just the guilt-free time you deserve, back in your hands.

So, don’t wait. 

Let us help you get the baby food and rest your family needs. 

Come be a part of this Healthy Baby, Happy Parents Food Revolution today.

We look forward to welcoming you to our tribe.

All my love, Mulu
“The doorbell rings and I’m handed my Michelin-style meal”
“This was an absolutely fantastic product & has made my life substantially easier”
“It sets babies/toddlers up for a lifetime love of nutritionally balanced food!”
“If you have 7 months to 4 year olds give them a try. You will be very happy you did”
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