The Ultimate Weaning Kit

Weaning Kit
With meat, fish + allergens
BLW + Purees
Each day is different
Artificial Flavours
Salt, sugar or extras
led by REGISTERED expertS

Meet Jo and Ruth

Two of UK’s leading paediatric dietitian experts in baby and toddler nutrition.

“We love Mulu’s passion to provide children with the best nutrition possible.

Food for the early years isn’t regulated in the same way that school food is; there are guidelines but these are only voluntary. Mulu was keen to ensure she was doing everything possible to make sure her meals were meeting recommendations and has taken on board all of our advice, doesn’t cut corners or compromise with quality.”

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“The doorbell rings and I’m handed my Michelin-style meal”
“This was an absolutely fantastic product & has made my life substantially easier”
“It sets babies/toddlers up for a lifetime love of nutritionally balanced food!”
“If you have 7 months to 4 year olds give them a try. You will be very happy you did”
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